The renowned video sharing site Vimeo brought a good news for its users. Vimeo has launched universal video player that let users to watch embedded videos on mobile devices such an iPhone and iPad using HTML5. Not just that, Vimeo videos will now work with wide range of devices and browsers, even in the absence of Flash. HTML5 has been introduced quite some time back and both YouTube and Vimeo has the version, but none of them where able to embed on other site, which is now possible.

With the latest generation of browsers and devices, we’ve had huge demand for an embeddable player that works with HTML5 and on devices like iPad and iPhone,” Andrew Pile, VP of Product and Development for Vimeo, said.

“The new embeddable code is highly scalable and allows us to continue to add support as new browsers and devices are released, for example serving HTML5 to IE9 and our Flash mobile player to Android phones running Flash 10.1,” he added.

This new player would naturally adapt to the capabilities to the browser and devices. You will get WebM format for streaming videos if you are using modern browser. This great flexibility must come in rather useful and should make sure that the videos you post on your blog or on your site would be accessible to as many people as possible and with the best possible experience for their device and browser.