On 8th August me, praval went to Google Gurgaon Office (India) for attending the first Google Analytics Conference in India. Though i didn’t like the talks that much but the overall environment was quit good. The best part of the visit was the look of the Google Office and the most enjoyable moment was the talk of the Jesse Nichols ( Keynote Speaker direct from Google, Mountain View). Jesse Nichols works on the AdWords Agency Team and is a “Guru” in both Google Analytics & Google Website Optimizer.


Some of the keynotes of the conference:

  • I think that conference is for the SEM agencies and the online marketing companies who are using the Adwords and Analytics for there clients. It include  During the whole conference, i didn’t heard a the single words about blogs,blogging and bloggers.
  • @MediaRedefined covered the whole Google Analytics University Program live from the Google Office at Gurgaon. Some of the other twitters were @mayankdhingra ,@Praval ,@twilightfairy ,@hashioss
  • Discussion with Koti Ivaturi – (Part of the Search Quality team at Google and in the role of a Strategist, he is one of the two Google Guides from India on the Google webmaster Help Forum) on Webmaster Central. We discussed few factors of Webmaster Central and the need of dedicated hardware’s for the highly traffic websites. He says that “Budget of common companies are so low that they don’t bother about the need of good hardware’s. Once they are popular and their servers goes down then they think of optimizing the site which leads to more traffic and hence a complete crash of the low quality server’s”. We also discussed few features of Webmaster Central ,Website Optimizer like Diagnostics tool , crawling errors , website loading time etc.
  • Discussion with the Amit Singh – (Customer Solutions Engineer at Google) on Bounce rates of the Google Analytics. We discussed few factors which may show the increase in the bounce rates at the Google Analytics Dashboard. We discussed a case study on a site for the possible reasons of facing 1.8% to 70% increase in the bounce rate after it is optimized and have better loading time? The possible pointers for this is the improper implementation of the analytics code, may be not placing the code properly on the every page.
  • Entrance of Google Office
  • Enterance of Google Office

  • Google Conference room
    Google Conference room
  • Google’s Visitor ID Card
  • Google's Visitor ID Card

  • Internet-speed at Google Gurgaon office
  • internet-speed at google gurgaon office

  • Have a look over Google’s Lunch
  • Have a look over Google's Lunch

  • Pen drive as a free giveaway from Google
  • Google Analytics toothbrush as a new giveaway from Google
  • toothbrush as free giveaway from Google