You might familiar with the torrent technology and may use applications like bit torrent or µTorrent for finding video, movies or music for your system, mobile and other devices. High Definition video files requires very immense amount of network bandwidth and initially services providers uses the “one-to-many” information sharing with very low efficiency. Old technology is governed by center server which is expensive and slow. Due to old technology most of the video sharing websites limits their video sizes and length of the files. Vuze HD technology uses Peer-to-peer model which changes the definition of file sharing and overcome the one-to many system by introducing distributed computing capacity in system i.e many-to-many.


Vuze is a social video discovery platform for user created video, it can share and discover the HD videos. It have extra ability to watch your videos on any screen – PC, mobile, or TV. Unlike other torrent clients, Vuze have very attractive user interface (like that of iTunes). Some of the features are

Chris of Vuze stated the following stats of their product

A few short months later, the numbers speak for themselves. You’ve made it clear, once again, that the ability to watch videos on any screen is important to you:

  • As of today, more than 1 million of you have turned on device support
  • Over 14.5 million videos have been transferred to watch on iPhone, iPod, Xbox 360 or PS3
  • On average, each of you with active devices has transferred over 14 videos to your devices.

Some companies tout reaching the millionth user as a big milestone. Around here, we’re proud to be thinking bigger with you in surpassing 1 million users of a single (though *infinitely* cool) feature within Vuze.  But don’t take our word for it.  Take theirs…  IGN, Engadget, Joystiq, VideoNuze, one happy user, and another happy user.

I must say that Vuze is in the new way of defining the torrent world with their visual and innovative angle of technology.

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