Last week on Honeytechblog we published several tools and how tos and guides. We are doing roundup of posts which we published last week for those who didn’t catch the previously published articles. Check them out.

How to Enable Right Click on Right Click Disabled Websites: Some websites put restrictions to right click and performing the actions. This might save their web content from plagiarism. But still there are some ways to enable it. This post explains a Firefox add-on known as Right To Click which enables right click on websites.

Adobe and Typekit Join Hands to Bring Famous Fonts to the Web: Adobe and Typekit join their hands to bring some of the world’s most popular, recognizable, and respected fonts to the web.

How to factory format and reinstall the phone firmware in Samsung Galaxy S and other android mobiles: A nice video demonstration to factory format and reinstall the phone firmware in Android devices. The test was done in Samsung Galaxy S device. Also this post explains the difference between factory format and re installation of the phone firmware.

Facebook Acquires Chai Labs, Semantic Search Company: Facebook is growing day by day by introducing new features. Facebook rarely acquire any company but now it is moving out of its own track. It is reported that the social networking giant has acquired Chai Labs, a web publishing semantic search company at an estimated price of $10 million. Check the details.

Facebook’s Geo-Location Feature Is Here One of the most important feature included in the Facebook. Now users can check in from their respective locations to tell the world where they are. This feature is definitely a threat to the existing players like Foursquare. The feature is available in US only.

How to Delete Locked or Undeleteable Files in Windows Sometimes explorer.exe process locks the files so that you can’t delete them. You can delete those file by ending up the explorer.exe process and deleting the file with the help of cmd command. This post explains the process in a step by step manner.

Oxford English Dictionary Adds Tweetup, Vuvuzela, Chilax and More

How to Convert PowerPoint Presentation into Flash Files for Website and Blogs: This post explains how you can convert widely available PowerPoint presentation to flash files by  using the free tool known as iSpring.

How to open Web Apps from your Desktop Without opening Your Browser: Today web apps fills the requirement of software and the good thing is that they don’t require any installation. But one thing you might miss by using these web apps is you need to open them in browser, not by clicking on the icons. This guide tells you how you can create shortcut of web apps so that it can give you the feel of software while you open it.

PDFescape: Open and Edit PDF Files Online: PDFescape is a nice PDF editor web service that lets you edit PDF documents online. Apart from editing you can also save it for later use. It is free to use.

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