There is a new method of blogging recently taking the Internet by storm – micro-blogging. Instead of composing a few hundred words, busy people are putting their thoughts into 140 characters and letting the whole web know what they are up to at the moment. For ‘netizens who have adapted to the ADD (attention deficit disorder) reality of today’s wired world, these miniature “bloglets” meet their requirements perfectly.micro-blogging-future

Micro-blogging is also making inroads into Internet marketing and other e-commerce endeavors, as it has become one of the most popular ways to gather a huge following of prospective customers through micro-blogging tools like Twitter, Plurk, and Tumblr. Micro-blogging has come a long way from simple applications used as supplementary update platforms for users of social networking sites.

But what is the future of micro-blogging? Is it a momentary trend, or is it here to stay? Many people are of two minds. While most micro-blogging tools now allow transmission of pictures, graphics, and video, they don’t give followers the whole picture. They merely serve as teasers in a way.

Other people sing praises for the way these micro-blogging tools are increasingly being used to replace one of the most popular pastimes for singles on the web – online dating. It seems abbreviating the process has only made it more exciting. Added to the fact the using these tools are free, many micro-blogging fans are predicting that improved applications are on the way.

Whatever the future of micro-blogging brings, people who make use of it will ride its waves to the end.