Are there some Nimbus formations in the sky? Guess not but what seems to be the latest buzz about clouds all about? What in the world is Cloud Computing? Well, if you seem to be hibernating a lot these days, be in the know.

Cloud Computing is being used by giant names in the I.T. World like IBM and Microsoft. They happen to visualize this as the future of the software industry. These two giants have already released their own versions of the hosted messaging as well as collaboration platforms.

cloud_computing2 “Cloud = Freedom” – Photo via michaelmarlatt

In a nutshell, cloud computing is the same as social networking, collaboration of even an Enterprise 2.0. It is the answer to the organization’s corporate needs towards it’s overall productivity.

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There is the IBM Bluehouse while Microsoft has their Project Azure which will be hounding you like a rain cloud by 2010. The former is an online service that puts together the features of social networking and business-collaboration tools. You can enjoy instant messaging, web conferencing, and even document sharing that is being utilized via the cloud platform. The advantage of the IBM Bluehouse is that you need not install any software in the computer.

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Microsoft’s Windows Azure on the other hand is another cloud services OS that provides service hosting and management. They provide transactions such as storage, scaling and managing of web application via the Internet. Basically this technology would work in line with the ASP.NET, the IIS, FastCGI, P/Invoke, as well as the Visual Studio 2008.