Sprink is a mini Youtube Desktop Applications which will brings video contents from Youtube web server to your desktop. Based on your search you can see relevant video list and choose anyone , instantly that will run on your computer. This mini applications working anytime — such as you’re working on word, excel or making slide show, on the same time you can see side by side youtube video in action on your screen. If you would like, you can setup random youtube video or you missed the highlights of last nights cricket match’s or checkout any exclusive episode of Discovery channels from your desktop.

To run this applications in your PC, reqired applications are:

Developer also informed that “in couple of months they will release more features, such as Integration with Windows 7 taskbar, Ability to mark videos as favorite right from the client, Support for other video service providers like MSN Video, Vimeo etc.” We will updates more about it — it’s awesome ways to enjoy youtube without visiting youtube.com directly.