The deal that was announced almost a year ago is now live in two countries. Now Yahoo search will be powered by Bing in US and Canada. All Yahoo searches will come with a slogan “Powered By Bing”, in fact that is the only visual hint given to the audience. For most users, it will be impossible to figure out this change, as “Powered by Bing” text appears at the very bottom of the search results page, where very few users would actually be interested visiting.


Shashi Seth, Senior Vice President of Yahoo Search Products said

First let me say, wow, what a week! As I hope everyone saw our post from last week, Yahoo! began transitioning certain back-end functions for Yahoo! Search over to Microsoft’s search platform,”

Well, I am proud to announce that the transition of organic search between Yahoo! and Microsoft is complete,” he wrote.

Yahoo! Web, Image, and Video search experiences on both desktop and mobile devices are now powered by the Microsoft platform in the US and Canada (English), with more markets to come,” he added.

The notable change will be the search result, as Bing rankings highly differ from Yahoo’s, but again not many could spot this out. On the other hand, while organic search might have been the largest step, the ‘fusion’ between the two products is not yet completed. The next step would be to merge the paid search platforms, as Yahoo is interested using Microsoft’s ad network for search ads from now on.