Today, photo sharing has become a major hobby and there are so many website offering photo sharing features like Facebook, Flickr etc. But most of them lack one feature, and that is, allowing other friends, family members to upload photos in the same album. And this is the feature which differentiates Yogile compared to the other photo sharing websites on the internet.

Yogile is a free photo sharing website which enables users to share photos privately within certain people including friends and family etc. All you have to do is make an account on Yogile and during registration; you can set a password to your albums. After registration, you can create your albums and once the album is created; it will give you the URL/email to the album which you can give to your friends and family along with the password you set up during registration. With this, they can also upload photos to the same album you created.  And no one other than your friends and family will be able to view the pictures. If you don’t want to set up the password, you can do it even after making the album by going to Photo Album Settings where you will find the link to your album as well.

The service is free and you can upload photos up to 100mb. If you consume your 100mb size limit, you can upgrade to ad-free account for $24.95/year on which you can upload unlimited photos.

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