As we already told about video sharing websites on our previous posts, it’s growing so faster then any other web business and we can select as example of, acquired by Google Inc. Except youtube, hundreds of video sharing websites giving the similar service with different perspective. Some are targeting audience, selling products, making tutorials, supporting customers, video marketing, self expertise promotions, compiling, discussion through internet, self video channel and so on.

We wish you have checked 20+ Popular Video Sharing Websites our first part of and hope you like this parts too.


    Next generation’s photo and video sharing websites and it’s so faster, easy to upload files and easy to use. Also they providing high quality images, private and secure storage and totally ads free. Anytime you can signup yourself.
  2. vMix

    VMIX provides software as a service (SaaS) online video and photo platform solutions for media, entertainment, organizations, and business websites.
  3. Seesmic

    By using this service, you share your most recent video with the world and as well you can start conversation with each others. It has rss feed system, thus you can track why’s happening right now on seesmic or what changes happen to an user’s account.
  4. Phanfare

    If you have iPhone and wants to share your photos and video files why don’t try phanfare. Easily you can upload from web or from your iPhone, share your video automatically and preserve your video files and photos and don’t need to extra backup.
  5. Video Webtown

    When you’re using youtube, it has some restriction on free account. You can run a video more then 10 min. around. But, on video webtown you can run up-to 2 hours video — around 800 MB share, through it’s less then youtube. And the beginning they will give 30 GB space for free.
  6. VidiLife

    Share your video and take different experiences. You can be a member and you can manage your profiles, videos, photos and as well email communication. Also, it has forum and fun clubs for more entertainment.
  7. vSocial

    Social networks, social marking whatever you’re doing, the main object is to promoting you brand or company. On internet you can promote your company by using vSocial’s service.Unlike low-end free services, our white-label solution gives you complete control over every aspect of your promotions, including video uploads and sharing, email, voting, and comments – they explains.
  8. iFilm

    Another one video sharing site but right now it’s not actually, it’s a new portal. But, still I’m confused about it. Through, I’m enlisting as video as because lots of videos available on this network.
  9. Panjea

    You wil get free accounts from Panjea video sharing site and you can make your own video channel from the clips on the web in one panjea player. Easy to make and easy to share and let’s tell the whole world about your own channel.
  10. Photobucket

    As we know photobucket only for photo sharing and compititor of but you can share your video files through photobucket networks. And they supporting video files and from anywhere you can get acess.
  11. HomeMovie

    If you want’s to share your family video site, it’s really great place. We we are not sure about the privacy factors. You can signup and share your video but make sure you’re not loosing your privacy by yourself.
  12. Yahoo Video

    Like as Google video, Yahoo has video sharing site and where you can share your video. You can see movie trailer, music, news and funny videos as well and all are free of cost. Just have to signup by an yahoo account.
  13. Filecow

    When you’re visiting that site, you will be astonished. It’s directly giving you chance to upload your video and share on web. You don’t need to signup, don’t need to show your identity. Just upload video upto 25 MB size.
  14. Metacafe

    Metacafe, one of the top rated video sharing websites. Millions of user sharing video and they are engaging greatly. Yo can see hourly updated video from the main ages and as well they have good navigation system.
  15. Vimeo

    Vimeo, where people gathering and sharing video in between of them and vimeo providing high quality video in the universe and it’s really great and alternatively you can use vimeo instead of using youtube.
  16. Ourmedia

    Ourmedia it’s changing the style of video producing. You can grab news from the video. Most of all media coverage it has and as well create your channels, upload files and share with others.
  17. Putfile

    Are you looking any video sharing site, which mainly gathering funny video with the world. It’s a great place and it’s right now redirecting to eBaumsworld but so great overall.
  18. Castpost

    When you need some hosting space for to upload video, you can try Castpost. Upload your video free of cost and share with the whole world. It says, broadcast your personal video and audio clips. As well, web video solutions.
  19. Yikers

    Do you like jokes, video, games, pictures, sounds — it’s giving all those service at once account. It has great control on navigation and by clicking you choose your favorite things and start sharing or entertain.
  20. TroopTube

    United based online video sharing site. TroopTube allows people to register as members of one of the branches of the armed forces, family, civilian Defense Department employees or supporters

If you wants to share any new video sharing site, let us know.

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