After various requests and suggestions, Honeytech Blog is now open for Guest Blogging. Guest blogging is a simple platform to grab Social Media visibility, traffic, free exposure, targeted audience and in the net shell it improves your online reputation. Moreover, if you owns a new blog then writing a good content may not be everything. You need a good marketing strategy and readership that can be easily achieved by guest blogging or authority along your name.

How to start

For posting you need to have credentials and access to the guest authors dashboard. You need to follow following few steps in order to create a guest author account.

1.You need to register for an account here and fill out your profile information like biographical Info.
2.After creating an account you need to contact us with your username so that your account and profile can be reviewed.

Guide Lines

Guidelines of submitting any article on honeytechblog, please note that:

  • Whenever you write any post your articles may be edited (if required) prior to publishing.
  • The content must be original and cannot be republished elsewhere on the web.
  • For the content from other sources and the images used from another source, always give full reference with an hyperlink. Please try to avoid the white label attempt to rehash someone else’s content or idea. “When you copy a content from single source it is called plagiarism but when you copy the content from several resources with the references then it is known as research“.
  • The Guest post should be informative and descriptive. You should be aware of our niche, it is based on  Tutorials, How to, Tips and Guides of Internet Tools, Social Media, Blogging , WordPress, Open Source and Ways to make money online.
  • Please try to avoid the negative reviews and Internet news that are already overflown on the Internet. For news and press releases we have another separate section of micro-news.
  • You presumed to know basic formatting tips. Whenever you include any screen-shots/ images within your articles then it should be 560px wide.

In the end

You can have by line info at the end of each post for your branding. You can have link to  your blog along with the links to your Social media profiles.

Blogger Engagement Program’s

All the guest bloggers will be directly connected with big corporate brands in Electronics and Telecom Industries and in short you can have following few benefits:

a) Invitations to conferences and special events.

b) Opportunities to interact with management, employees, and customers of corporate brands.

c) Opportunities to review pre launch gadgets and free goodies.

Have any query, contact us