As a designer and a computer freak I know that time to time I need more and more number of fonts and always in search of getting unique fonts because fonts are the most important part of any graphic designing projects and sometimes it becomes hard to find the perfect font. For finding the perfect font you have to spend number of hours on the web and sometimes get frustrated.

Choosing a right font is necessary because it can make or break your design and the selection criteria includes a good readability and visibility of that font. So to help you out we have selected the top websites to download high quality font for you.

01. FontCubes

At font cubes you will find the quality of fonts out there and frankly speaking they are really very impressive and help you to make your design and art work more impressive. You can also display the text of your choice in color and size.

fontcube Top 10 Sites to Download Free Fonts

02. UrbanFonts

This site contains over 8000 free fonts and they are distributed into different categories which can be alphabetically browsed. You can also preview the selected font here and easily customize its color, background, casing options, etc.

urbanfonts Top 10 Sites to Download Free Fonts

03. 1001FreeFonts

As their name signifies they mention 1001 fonts but they have more than 10,000 free fonts which can be downloaded easily

1001 free fonts Top 10 Sites to Download Free Fonts

04. DaFont

This is the ultimate and best known site for free fonts and mostly used site for free fonts. You can easily navigate to the fonts categories so that you can easily choose a category and select the required font style from it.

dafont Top 10 Sites to Download Free Fonts

05. SearchFreeFonts

This site contains both free fonts as well as premium fonts. This site had more than 13,000 fonts and all are easily categorized into categories. This site also contains article on how to install fonts and a very handy guide on designing, organizing and managing your fonts.

searchfreefonts Top 10 Sites to Download Free Fonts

06. HighFonts

From this site you can download the font faster because on this site you don’t have to navigate to other pages. Just click on the image and the download will begin. One of the disadvantage of this site is that you cannot preview the font here.

highfonts Top 10 Sites to Download Free Fonts

07. AbstractFonts

Its offers 1,000+ fonts with lots of information contained on the page. You can see this information by clicking on the font and you can also search for fonts categories here.

abstract fonts Top 10 Sites to Download Free Fonts

08. Fontica

It offers thousands of free fonts which can be downloaded easily.

fontica Top 10 Sites to Download Free Fonts

09. Font Squirrel

This is one of the best website from which provides fonts for commercial use.

fontsquirrel Top 10 Sites to Download Free Fonts

10. FreePremiumFonts

This website has the finest, high quality free fonts available for instant download. These premium fonts were selected by popular votes and arranges alphabetically in popular categories.

freepremiumfonts Top 10 Sites to Download Free Fonts

Note: Just make sure to read the license agreements carefully before using them as they can change from time to time.