I’m using Firefox, Google Chrome, Flock, Opera, Internet Explorer. Nowadays, it’s quite harder to taking regular backup after using any browser. Even when you’re working — sometimes it’s showing your browser crash notifications, then you have to lost everything and note that reports will not bring you back your data. But with using some small free tools, you can save your bookmarks, , history, settings, caches — the browser doesn’t matter. Matter is, when you need to get back, when you will lost, get it again? Let me show you some cools utility which may makes your life more easier.

Google Chrome Backup: This applications will save your bookmarks and settings automatically and we know Google Chrome has no extensions like a Mozilla Firefox browser. Also you can create mufti user profiles and anytime switch between then instantly.

Mozbackup: An small cross Mozilla backup utility which will take backup of your bookmarks, mails, contacts, history, extensions cache’s too. It’s working for Firefox and Flocks and some Mozilla based browsers supporting too. Also lots of firefox extensions available on web, later we will talk more about it.

Safari Backup And Restore: This applications working on mac operating system and it will take your bookmarks backup and a great tools which will do all things automatically.

BackRex Internet Explorer Backup: If you’re Internet Explorer user, you can take backup and restore your files by using this tools. It will manage your favorites, history, proxy setting, fonts and auto complete password and cookies too.  It’s supporting IE6, IE 7 versions.

OperaFly: If you’re Opera Browser’s user you can try this tools. This is an official backup tools for opera browser and you can pre-schedule the backup times, automatically it will care of your contents, data – when you’re closing the browsers.