Since last week i’m unable to come up with new posts and this post is a simple apology to all my viewers for the reasons behind one week of interruptions. As you already know i’m running mediaredefined (a social media branding & consulting studio where in we offer a plethora of solutions to individuals, businesses, corporates and events to help them build and improve their online reputation), last weekend was over occupied with different sets of clients ,their corresponding works and other social activities. one-week-interruption

Last week was mainly occupied with NIIT UNIVERSITY , Vigneshwara Developers ,Hurford Salvi Carr ,PHP Collections and Football Mantra.

  • NIIT University a not-for-profit institution, is sponsored by NIIT Limited. We at mediaredefined developed and maintained the university website from the scratch. We also developed its ad tracking system to monitors the leads and submission of forms.( Project is about 3 month old )
  • Vigneshwara Developers is into a real estate and last week was busy with Praval and Gaurav for finalizing the proposal works and meetings for their complete redefining work of revamping and social media branding. Gaurav was also busy in configuring the Google postini services for them.
  • Hurford Salvi Carr is also into real estate and i was bit busy in creating a customized WordPress theme for their new site.
  • PHP  Tutorials – Customized the thesis theme for WordPress.
  • Football Mantra – As per the name depicts its a bunch of football maniacs who’s life is in that 14 ounces of sphere which generally is referred to as football by the general masses. This consists of Video Blog , Photo Blog and Discussion Hub and i developed this in 3 days of work. Actually there is another mystery behind this work which bought me into this. About a month ago i was busy in the mediaredefined work, my friend Anand handed the work to some local guy and the portal name was used to be “myfootballhub”. The website launch was due of 31st of July but after 3-4 weeks of work, local guy messed up the things , hosting and the domain name. When i came to know this,  came up with an idea to get this thing sorted asap. Sooner we came up with different sets of new name and finalized the two domain and . As dribblefootball lacks brand like feelings so we decided to start the work on the footballmantra. After 2-3 days of work the theme is designed , video blog is customized , photo blog is implemented and discussion hub is activated with the backend of WordPress and BBpress. Within this time the site is indexed into the search engines like Google ,Bing and comes up with an alexa of 500k (by using webmaster tools , reddit, stumbleupon , digg and facebook ).

Apart from these work i was busy in researching on the Google Analytics , Adsense , developing some new Google Chrome Plugins ( Extensions for Gtalk ,extension for checking IP ,Bookmarklet Plugin and Internet Bandwidth Speed) and lot of social life activities. In last 7 days i missed my morning Gym due to late night activities, office work and parties. Besides the lack of posting i was astonished to saw the 50% growth in the adsense revenue. Hope this week is full with new tutorials on Webmasters and Web related topics.